About Us


Green Building Council Cameroon – GBC-CAM is a concerted effort by conscientious individuals who are acutely aware of the universal need to answer the clarion call of global warming and climate change. The urgency and immediacy of this existential threat is so important that the solution has to be multi disciplinary, inter connected, polyvalent, international and universal. In all these facets, “green” is actually the door to the future of human civilization. As an umbrella to all, “green building” is the hub of it all – where we live, work, play, learn and heal encompasses every facet of human activity and endeavor.

GBC CAM therefore is a call to duty – duty of spreading the gospel of the World Green Building Council.

To this call the founders of GBC CAM are dedicated and committed. This unique group of doers and influencers is mortared together by the collective zeal and will to open the green door to the future.

Why Choose Us

Together we can make a difference

1. To encourage greening where we live by practicing and educating on:

  • Reducing household energy demands thus reducing carbon emissions and bills
  • Reusing and recycling common household products
  • Designing, building and constructing sustainably
  • Using more energy efficient means of transportation
  • Living with crops and gardens
  1. Greening every community house by house
  2. Greening every village quarter by quarter
  3. Greening every city building by building
  4. Greening Cameroon and beyond municipality by municipality
  5. Greening the region country by country

Our Team

Our Partners