Poheuwa Kameni Teuteu Anne Sophie

Head of Better places for people

Poheuwa Kameni Teuteu Anne Sophie is the acting Technical Director of Ets Zina Décor, an eco-construction company.

She is also the Head of Better Places for People of the Green Building Council of Cameroon.

Every modification we do on the environment affects the well-being of human beings, bearing in mind that the aim of building is to enhance human’s comfort, an equilibrium between constructions and nature has to be attained.

With her commitment and multi-tasking nature, she worked on the designing of several projects under Zina Décor such as the refurbishment of the Ministry of vocational training and employment.

Sophie is a holder of a master’s degree in Town Planning Engineering from the National Advanced School of Public Works Yaoundé. She is also an edge expert with a number of credentials from green institutions such as the UK Green Building Council.