Njilah Isaac Konfor

Head of Advancing Net Zero

Njilah Isaac Konfor (PhD) is a Cameroonian Associate Professor of Geology with expertise in geochemistry, environment and Disaster Risk Management. He obtained his MSc and PhD from the University of Leeds –UK, and completed the Advanced Course in Geographical Information System (GIS), GPS and Remote Sensing, and the Advanced Professional training in the field of Integrated Groundwater Management. He has held several managerial positions including:

  • Coordinator of Lake Nyos Project “Securisation and socioeconomic Reintegration of the Lake Nyos Area Cameroon” piloted by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
  • Deputy Secretary General of the Geological Society of Africa (1999-2003)
  • President/Coordinator of the Cameroon Association for Young Scientists (CAMAYS)
  • UNDP (2010): Cartography and coordination of the elaboration of Disaster Relief Operational Plan  (Plan ORSEC) for Menchum Division, Cameroon.
  • Principal Geologist in charge of Identification of Risk Zones in Cameroon. (Prospection, inventaire, cartographie de reconnaissance des zones a risqué). Piloted by the UNDP.
  • Lead consultant for the drafting of the National Programme for the Prevention and Management of Catastrophes in Cameroon (PNPGC). UNDP/MINAT.
  • Coordinator of the International Network for Young Scientists Cameroon.
  • Coordinator and Chairman of the Environmental Protection and Catastrophe Management (EPCAM) Cameroon.
  • UNESCO Nairobi Office: Evaluation of the vulnerability of the population around Lake Nyos and Mt. Cameroon to Toxic gas emissions and volcanic eruptions.

He has equally convened many workshops and conferences, amongst which are:

  • The 12th conference of the Geological Society of Africa (GSAf). Yaounde Cameroon. 27th March – 2nd  April 2001(Secretary General).
  • Climate change and water resources 25-27 January 2006 (funded by the British Council)
  • Volcanic Eruptions of Mount Cameroon and toxic gas emissions of crater lakes near Lake Nyos (2004) (funded by UNESCO Nairobi office)
  • Climate change uncertainties and land use (funded by the British Council).
  • International Lake Nyos field workshop 10th-15th April 2005 (funded by UNESCO Nairobi office).
  • Wetlands of the grass fields: The Babessi victims. (a film) (funded by International Network for Young Scientists London).
  • Endangered species of Mount Cameroon and ecological succession on recent lavas. Limbe January 2008. (funded by British Ecological Society).

He is the Editor of the African Journal of Science and Technology (UNESCO Journal) and the Journal of the Geosciences Society of Cameroon. He is the Coordinator of the Cameroon Association of Young Scientists (CAMAYS) and the Cameroon ecological Society (CES).

Since 1992 till date, he serves as a lecturer in Geology, Geo-environmental Sciences and Geochemistry at the Department of Earth Sciences, University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon. He is perfect in written and spoken English, and good in French.


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